Always Warm (2020)

Always Warm (2020)

Other name: 一路向暖 Yi Lu Xiang Nuan Always Warm S1 Always Warm Season 1 Всегда тепло


The up-and-coming painter Wen Qian was surprised by Bai Jiran, the lead singer of the bar resident band, and invited Bai Jiran to be her model. She tried both hard and soft but was repeatedly rejected. At the order of her father, Wen Qian went to Wenshu Monastery in Chengdu to collect a piece of his mother's collection and sent it back to the UK.

After receiving a brocade bag with meteorites, she met Bai Ji Ran again by accident. Bai Ji Ran recognized Wen Qian as the little girl he had met in England as a child, but Wen Qian did not remember him. The two ran into each other accidentally, one because she lost her backpack, no certificate, money, and mobile phone, and the other wanted to avoid the pursuit of fanatical fans and embarked on a journey of "protecting treasure" together.

The brocade bag that Wen Qian was ordered to escort was related to the family's jewelry business, was coveted by competitors at home, and encountered many crises along the way. Wen Qian and Bai Ji Ran were in distress and escaped witty several times. The two people are right and wrong. On the surface, they are incompatible with each other. In fact, they have fallen in love with each other unknowingly.

Episodes: 12

Duration: 35 min.

Aired On: Thursday

Cinematographer: Gao Bin [高斌]

Original Network: iQiyi;

Director: Zhang Lu Fei [张鲁飞] and Ning Xiao Bo [宁晓波]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Childhood; Comedy; Romance;

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