Age of Rebellion

Age of Rebellion

Other name: 翻牆的記憶 Fan Qiang De Ji Yi


A group of wayward teens face turbulent school and home lives, navigating their way through a world full of bullying, drugs, gangs, and prostitution.

Gao Hao Sheng, is a new teacher with a dark past, becoming friend and mentor to his students: Wei Jie - a notorious young bully, Fang Xiao Fen - an underage escort, Ou Wen Zhou - a bullied teen, and delinquents Lu Yi Feng, Lin Mei Chen, Sun Ruo Lu, and Xiao Shu. As complications begin to brew outside of the school hierarchy, will these students survive?

Age of Rebellion is a dark drama which explores the lives of teenagers at the bottom of the social chain; issues of emotional vulnerability, poverty, and violence.

Director: Peter Ho [何潤東]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Action; Crime; Drama; Friendship; Romance; School; Youth;

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