A Violent Prosecutor 2016

A Violent Prosecutor 2016

Other name: 검사외전 Geomsawejeon


Byun Jae Wook is a short-tempered prosecutor with a propensity for violence, famous for his tough investigations and who only pursues the truth. When a suspect under his interrogation is found dead, Jae Wook is arrested, falsely accused of murder and imprisoned for 15 years .

While in jail, he plans out his revenge mission and finds the most talented criminals in the ward to help him out. Five years later, Jae Wook meets good-looking, brilliant con artist and schemer Chi Won in prison.

Feeling he could carry out his plan outside of prison, Jae Wook gets Chi Won acquitted, using his knowledge as a former prosecutor. Jae Wook’s ragtag team of ex-cons will now enact a revenge plan against the organization that framed him.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Comedy; Crime; Detective; Investigation; Law; Suspense;

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