A Quiet Dream (2016)

A Quiet Dream (2016)

Other name: 춘몽 Chunmong An Empty Dream


Three men around a woman, and their unusual way of expressing their emotion.

In the center of Seoul, contrary to the fancy buildings, still, there’s a poor town called, Su Saek. And there are three special losers; Ik Joon, a gang expelled by laughing at leader’s funeral, Jung Bum, a North Korean defector with depression, Jong Bin, an epileptic who only drinks milk. They call each other patients. Three of them frequent a small bar in the town to win the heart of a charming bar lady, Ye Ri. They have their own issues to suffer but never blame anyone. They know how to forget things and laugh. One day, Ye Ri asks what they dreamed of last night. While each of them tells their nightmares, Ye Ri tells them she had a dirty dream; she made love to each of them…

(Source: KoBiz)

Director: Zhang Lu

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama; Family;

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  • Ongoing


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