A Jungle Survivor (2020)

A Jungle Survivor (2020)

Other name: 森林生存记 Forest Survival Plan


Tang Ruo Qi is a housewife who has always led a simple life. Besides her husband Jiang Yong Xi and daughter, she only has two best friends and fellow housewives. Her simple and happy life is destroyed when she realizes that Yong Xi is cheating on her with his subordinate, Olivia. Yong Xi initiates a divorce and Ruo Qi moves out of their home of 14 years to live independently. But she refuses to give up her marriage and wants to salvage the relationship. With the advice and help from her best friends, she successfully joins Yong Xi’s company Kai Yi Group to compete with Olivia and to win Yong Xi back.

Having lost touch with the corporate world for 14 years, joining Kai Yi Group is like stepping into a jungle filled with wild animals. Ruo Qi treads carefully everyday as any misstep in this jungle will put her in harm’s way. She begins her perilous journey as she navigates the workplace politics. With help and advice from Wei Tang and her two best friends, Ruo Qi slowly transforms from a prey to a hunter with ammunition….

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Drama; Family; life; Romance;

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