A Hint of You (2013)

A Hint of You (2013)

Other name: 美味的想念, Miss , Taste of Missing You , Mei Wei De Xiang Nian , Mei Mei Di Seung Nim


The head chef Xia Qing You of the stir-fry restaurant has always wanted to learn from the memory of the taste of his father's fried rice. So she commenced her road to learn to be a chef from Fu Zai Yu, a chef from "Hana's Top Teppanyaki". Xia Qing You is not afraid of hardships, any difficulties faces and has shell like a turtle for super endurance. But due to a set of strange circumstances, she turns the life of the prince-like Fu Zai Yu's perfect life completely upside down. Sparkling golden fried rice, sweet and crisp cotton milk sugar, egg rolls, lobster that can compete in competitions. Every dish of tasty food, has a hidden memory, with the edge of death of two generations of secrets behind.

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Food; Romance;

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