A Chinese Odyssey Part III (2016)

A Chinese Odyssey Part III (2016)

Other name: 大话西游3 大话西游3 大话西游III 大话西游III 大話西遊終結篇 大话西游终结篇 Da Hua Xi You Zhong Jie Pian Da Hua Xi You 3 Da Hua Xi You III A Chinese Odyssey 3 Китайская одиссея 3


This is the last part of the Odyssey Trilogy. Fairy Zixia uses the Pandora's Box to look into the future. She sees there's a war coming between mankind and the gods. Desperate to prevent this from happening, she travels back in time, also hoping to try and stop Joker, the current human form of the Monkey King from falling for her and to push him towards his supposed true love Bai Jingjing. Things don’t work out according to plan, with the Longevity Monk needing protection and various secrets and complicated relationships coming to light. Main question is, will her plan work out for the best in the end?

Director: Jeff Lau [刘镇伟]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy;

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