A Business Proposal (2023)

A Business Proposal (2023)

Other name: 社內相親 社内相亲 She Nei Xiang Qin Se Noi Soeng Can Business Proposal (HK version) Деловое предложение (Гонконг)


Career-oriented CEO of Go Food, Keung Tai Mo Tyson, agrees to go on a blind date his grandfather set up for him. Meanwhile, Suen Ho Lee Hollie, a small fry in Go Food, agrees to go on a blind date in her best friend Chan Ying Shu's stead. A love story between the big boss and a low-ranking employee begins with this blind date. On the other hand, Tyson's secretary Cheung Shing Dong Frankie and Chan Ying Shu, a rich man's daughter, fall in love at first sight. The two will experience many unforgettable moments as their relationship develops in this romantic comedy.

Episodes: 15

(Source: Makerville.hk)

Original Network: ViuTV;

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Romance;

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