After School Missions the Movie

After School Missions the Movie


Republic of Korea commonplace remarks after high school hotties five radiant trio is here made the club called "Draw section. 'Draw part' club to do is pull out a mission to Bokbulbok Show all sorts of bizarre after school every day. 을 하나로 총 정리한 '극장판'으로 꽃미남 5인방" onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" onmouseout="'#fff'">Girls soeun is a lottery Division Manager played an improbable mission to rush out with them. Bittersweet as it sometimes comical, emotion-filled youth classic romance drama popular toon the one who shot clean 'theater' as handsome 5 Gang Meet with the growth story of soeun!

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Comedy;

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