2021 KBS Drama Awards

2021 KBS Drama Awards


From stories of desperate revenge to heartwarming families, the chance to meet the actors who presented viewers with a full range of emotions through KBS dramas finally returns. Hosting this year's event are Kim So Hyun, the sentimental beauty and queen of historical dramas, Lee Do Hyun, the tragic male lead from "Youth of May", and Sung Si Kyung, the king of ballads with a sweet voice. Out of the many KBS dramas of 2021, including "2021 KBS Drama Special", "Dali and Cocky Prince", "Police University", "Sell Your Haunted House", and more, which one touched the hearts of viewers and gave them joy? On the last night of 2021, join in on the festival of stars.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Variety show;

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